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How To Become a Member of the Virtual Foundation Consortium

(Please Note: These instructions apply only to organizations wishing to become grant making members. The instructions are not for organizations wishing to receive grant funds. For examples of Consortium Members, please read about VF Consortium Members. The grant application process is described under How to Apply for a Virtual Foundation grant.)

For the responsibilites of Consortium Members please see the Letter of Agreement Between ECOLOGIA and Virtual Foundation Consortium Members

Procedure for Becoming a Virtual Foundation Consortium Member

The Virtual Foundation works with a consortium of experienced grant making organizations globally. These organizations work locally with NGOs in one or more countries. In order to insure the credibility of the Virtual Foundation, application to become a Virtual Foundation Consortium Member must follow established procedures:

Meet the criteria for being a member of the Consortium. Applicants must:

  1. Be a not-for-profit organization of any national origin. Consortium Members need not be officially registered as non-profit organizations as long as they can document their non-profit status. Under special conditions a government entity may be considered for membership
  2. Function to support NGO work in the environmental, human health, community and sustainable economic activity, and NGO capacity building sectors. In all projects the Virtual Foundation is concerned with the advancement and participation of women and minorities.
  3. Have an organizational structure, and financial and legal mechanisms that provide for outside review of grant and financial decisions.
  4. Have a proven track record or demonstrate capacity in grant evaluation and small grant making. Have experience working with the local NGO sector in a specific geographic region.
  5. Work in a region approved by the Virtual Foundation Board, currently (as of 8/97) the Baltics, former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, or Asia.
  6. Be willing and able to take on the responsibilities enumerated in the Virtual Foundation partners agreement.
  7. Be able to contribute proposals focusing on needs not already addressed by other Consortium Members.
  8. Be able to support part of the costs of administering the Virtual Foundation grants either with matching funds or contributions of staff time and support services.
  9. Provide equal and open access to services and funding for all qualified organizations within the geographic region served, without reference to ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Write a brief (one or two page) letter of application for membership in the Virtual Foundation Consortium. Please include:

  1. Documentation that your organization meets the criteria outlined above.
  2. A paragraph explaining how your organization's membership in the Virtual Foundation Consortium will increase the effectiveness of your work.
  3. A paragraph explaining how your organization's membership in the Virtual Foundation Consortium will promote the goals of the Virtual Foundation (outlined in the Virtual Foundation Mission Statement).
  4. Three references that we can contact. At least one of the references should be an NGO that has received support, assistance, or guidance from your organization.
You are welcome to include any additional materials that you believe will support your application including annual reports, project reports to foundations or agencies which have funded your organization's grant making work, and letters of support or recommendation.

Send Applications to Giedre Donauskaite, Grants Coordinator, at:
The Virtual Foundation
Kalvariju 130-48
LT - 2042 Vilnius


voice: 011-(370)-2-765-609
fax: 011-(370)-2-766-737

Within the United States, you can always contact Randy Kritkausky, Virtual Foundation Director, at voice: (888) 801-7101

Letter of Agreement Between ECOLOGIA and Virtual Foundation Consortium Members