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How To Apply for A Grant From the Virtual Foundation

Applying for Environmental Grants in Central Europe, Asia, and the Former Soviet Union

Virtual Foundation Consortium members presently focus upon environmental issues, human health, community building and sustainable economic activity, and NGO capacity building and limit their geographic area of operations to Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Former Soviet Union.

Organizations seeking support from the Virtual Foundation for projects in these regions must make application directly to Virtual Foundation Consortium Members. All of the consortium members are experienced in grant-making. Each consortium member operates regional offices capable of assisting applicants to design and implement projects and to develop proposals. Each consortium member also has application criteria which reflect its own interests and capabilities.

Applying for grants on issues other than the environment or from geographic regions other than Central Europe, Asia, and the Former Soviet Union.

If you operate in a geographic region outside of our current scope, we would be interested in your suggestions for organizations that might want to become new Virtual Foundation Consortium Members and work in your region.

One fundamental idea behind the Virtual Foundation is to provide communities with access to a funding source that is flexible and responsive to innovative ideas. Very often valuable projects fall outside the strict regional or issue priorities of government aid programs, international aid programs, and foundation support. The Virtual Foundation would like to become a source of support for high quality innovative programs that may be ignored by existing sources of funding. Write to ECOLOGIA, the Virtual Foundation Director, with your suggestions about how we may better fulfill this mission.

For funding support in the near term, please contact an appropriate Virtual Foundation Consortium Member in your region.