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Progress Report for Tree For Life -- Grow a Tree

In 1997, about 10,000 students from Beijing participated in "Trees for Life - Grow a Trees" program and planted over 50,000 seeds. Trees for Life Project Office provided each students with a hands-on Tree-Planting-Awareness kit that allows children to ge rminate and plant a tree from seeds and to care for it. The kit contains: Attached are some pictures showing the trees planted by the students and the materials of the project. We, at Trees for Life China appreciate your support for 1997 project and are looking forward to our cooperation in 1998.

Answer's to some of ECOLOGIA's questions about the project:

Q: Many schools are listed as participants in the Trees For Life project. The Second Elementary School of Fu Xing Men Wai, Xicheng District, Beijing is the school involved in the Virtual Foundation project proposal. Is this the only school associated with the Virtual Foundation project?

A: When I applied for funding from Virtual Foundation, the Second Elementary School of Fu Xing Men Wai was the only school associated with the Virtual Foundation project. But since many schools are all very interested in participating in this pr oject, I picked up 5 school in which we will use the funding you provided for the project in the spring of 1998.

Q: The proposal indicates that the tree planting is to happen "in the spring". Will the tree planting occur next spring (1998) or did it occur last spring (1997)?

A: "Trees for Life - Grow a Tree" Project starts in the spring since it is a season easy for children to plant seeds and germinate. The school list I sent you are the schools that participated in this project in the spring of 1997. Trees for Lif e China was trying to apply funding from other sources as well, such as China National Environmental Protection Agency, China Environmental Protection Foundation and Global Environment Forum of Japan. Trees for Life China used the funding got from the abo ve three organizations to print books and cartons, etc. for promoting the program in 1997.

Q: What contribution did Virtual Foundation funding make to the project or will it make to the future of the project?

A: Trees for Life China will use Virtual Foundation funding to print 2000 teaching materials and planting cartons as I have sent you and buy seeds for 2000 children. The project will start in March and April in 1998. Trees for Life China just got requests from Yunnan Province and Henan Project that they are very interested in participating in this program. So I hope that you could further support this project so that the project can be promoted in the above two provinces. Trees for Life China is looking forward to your future support and cooperation.

Q: Are the children in the photos from the Second Elementary School of Fu Xing Men Wai, Xicheng District?

A: The children in the photos are from Beijing Baiyunlu Elementary School, Xicheng District. I will be sending you the photos from the Second Elementary School of Fu Xing Men Wai, Xicheng District after the children plant seeds in next spring.

Following is the school list that participated in Trees for Life program this year:

  1. Yuetan Elementary School
  2. Xiaoyou Elementary School
  3. Wulutong Elementary School
  4. Xisibeitiao Elementary School
  5. Sigenbo Elementary School
  6. Xishiku Elementary School
  7. Yaer Elementary School
  8. Xirongxian Elementary School
  9. Changqiao Elementary School
  10. Lishilu No. 1 Elementary School
  11. Damucang Elementary School
  12. Ximeichang Elementary School
  13. Zhonghualu Elementary School
  14. Baiyunlu Elementary School
  15. Yisibeisitiao Elementary School
  16. Xinwenhuajie Elementary School
  17. Xisibei Elementary School
  18. Wenxingjie Elementary School
  19. Jingzhongjie Elementary School
  20. Xisi Kindergarten
  21. Xicheng Foreign Language School
  22. Beijing No. 110 Secondary School
  23. Beijing No. 156 Secondary School
  24. Beijing Beihai Secondary School
  25. Beijing No. 31 Secondary School
  26. Beijing No. 3 Secondary School
  27. Beijing No. 37 Secondary School
  28. Beijing Railway No. 2 Middle School
  29. Beijing No. 7 Middle School
  30. Jiuxianqiao Elementary School
  31. Tuanjiehu No. 2 Middle School
  32. Fuxuehutong Elementary School
  33. Jingshan School
  34. Baijiazhuang Elementary School
  35. Zaoying Middle School
  36. Hepingli No.4 Elementary School
  37. Kindergarten of Ministry of Agriculture
  38. Kindergarten, Agricultural Museum
  39. Beijing No. 5 Middle School
  40. Guangqumen Middle School
  41. Liangjiaodian Elementary School
  42. Tiancun Elementary School
  43. Beijing No. 11 Middle School
  44. Beijing No. 80 Elementary School
  45. Heizhima Elementary School
  46. Xianshan Elementary School
  47. Zhenfusi Elementary School