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Micro-finance for Rabbit Raising in China

Region: China
Author: Ren Xuping and Zhang Shuping
Consortium Member: Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Center
Status: Needs Funding Budget: $53300 Collected: $50000 Needs: $3300
Goal: Each donation of $330 will enable a farming family in rural Sichuan Province to participate in a micro-loan program developed by successful rabbit farmers, in partnership with ECOLOGIA. Our goal for 2008 is to raise enough additional money to involve 10 additional farming families.
Comment: Chinese farmers are currently facing vast environmental and social upheaval; micro-finance support for rabbit raising provides an opportunity for family members to earn money while staying together on their land.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has supported this micro-finance project since 2007, with the original seed money and overhead costs. The additional funding requested here will enable us to reach more families.

"If you raise 1 rabbit, you don't need to worry about finding pocket money for salt, oil or vinegar, the necessities of life."

"If you raise 10 rabbits, you will have enough money to marry and send your children to school."

So say Ren and Zhang Xuping, "Rabbit King and Queen" of Sichuan Province, who know all too well that these "worries" about salt, oil, education, and marriage ring true in the daily lives of rural farmers. These farmers are currently facing vast environmental and social upheaval as their landscapes are deemed unfarmable and their families are torn between staying together and finding hope (and jobs) in larger urban areas. Farmers wishing to escape these "worries" see little real chance of doing so locally within their own communities.

In response, ECOLOGIA has partnered with The Rabbit King Poverty Alleviation Center to create a microfinance unit aimed at bringing substantial income along with increased environmental sustainability and social capital to farmers through mini-loans. One donation of $330 transformed into a microloan will help to ensure that a farming family can move from 1 rabbit to 10 - or from having salt money to funding a child's education. The best part? Each donation has a compounding impact as it is lent again and again, from one household to another, causing a ripple effect that may help lead to sustainable, thriving communities in China's rural countryside.

10 donations of $300$3000
VF admin. fee$300
Total for 10 families$3300

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