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Dukha Health Project, Mongolia 2012

Region: Central Asia, Mongolia
Author: Sas Carey, NOMADICARE
Consortium Member: Virtual Foundation Director (ECOLOGIA)
Status: Needs Funding Budget: $26000 Collected: $20000 Needs: $6000
Goal: Building on the health data base developed in previous years, to deliver key preventative medical supplies and information; to propose and deliver appropriate treatment for pervasive chronic diseases such as hypertension and anemia among the Dukha population
Comment: For information on the previous years' work with this population, see the "funded projects- Mongolia" section of this website.

Thank you to The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation for their faith in, and continuing support for, this program.
Donors: The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation [April 2010]; individual donors

The Dukha way of life and general health is under threat for several reasons, including:

In 2007, the project finished the data base, identified hypertension and anemia as underlying serious health issues among the Dukha, and began to advocate with the local and national health workers for a plan for adequate care.

Above: teaching Dukha children to floss, August 2007. Most Dukha adults have missing teeth.

Travel to visit the population; follow-up observations and interviews concerning salt and iron (seeking to identify factors contributing to hypertension and anemia).

Expected Results:
A cohesive plan for the Dukhas' health care which can be used by the Dukha people themselves, and by local, national and international health care givers;
Diminished eye, teeth and other health problems connected to vitamin deficiency (underway and ongoing since 2004)
Diminished heart disease, muscle weakness and other endemic health issues among the Dukha, connected to hypertension and anemia (the widespread prevalence of hypertension and anemia were revealed by the comprehensive health data base, completed in October 2007). Time Frame: Summer 2008

Airfare to Mongolia$2050
Chinese visa$170
Medical insurance$220
Rent and board, Ulaanbaatar (40 days @ $15) $600
Ulaanbaatar to Dukhas (travel by jeep, horse, plane)$1500
Food and supplies for team (one month)$2000
Interpreter; guides$1330
Vitamins, first aid kits, medicines, supplies for families $1500
Hospital supplies, solar equipment$2200
Sas Carey $100 per diem, 26 days taiga, 14 days Ulaanbaatar$4000
Camerama and cameraman for documentation of health$1800
Project development and administration$1630
VF administrative fee$1000
Requested for project$20000