New Health Proposal - Maternity Ward and Medical Staff House in Uganda (Started on 09-06-02)


09-06-02 Carolyn Schmidt
To Health Proposal Review Committee: Please review a proposal which we received from a member of the Trickle Up network, based in Uganda. The TrickleUp Africa Program Officer has vouched for the organization and its director. She also affirmed the need in their case for these buildings. To view Maternity Ward and Medical Staff House at Busaawa Mmanze Health Centre, Uganda, click here. Please enter your comments, evaluations and recommendations, by September 20th. Thank you very much.


09-16-02 Scott Smith, MD Proposal Review
I would support this project. Although it seems obvious how the maternity ward and medical staff house would benefit the villagers and people, I think it would be good if there would be some clearer explanation of how so. For example, do they have difficulty getting medical staff to come to the clinic because of lack of housing? If so in what way does it reduce or affect the care there. (ie. does it mean less time the clinic is open and thus less opportunity for people to get seen). Elaborating on the types of medical problems that arise as a result of not having a maternity ward would also give potential supporters a little clearer picture. It may not be as obvious to people as we might think. Expanding on some of the details of the maternity ward may also be beneficial. The proposal itself is very detailed and clear I just think a little more personal touch and description might make it even more appealing.

10-13-02 Christina Pease, MD Proposal Review
I too support this project willingly as they appear to be very specific regarding the construction of their facility. However, I agree that if I were to donate money, I would want a clearer picture of how the space will be allocated. How many labor/delivery room(s) and clinic exam rooms are anticipated? How much storage space for medical supplies will there be? Will there be/will there be the potential to have electrical support for a fridge (to store medicines) and sterilization equipment (autoclave)? Other questions would be: How easy is it for the patients to access the new clinic? and as mentioned earlier, the medical staff? Do they already have anticipated suppliers/donors for medical supplies? And for future developments, is there the potential to expand the building to house more staff/more exam rooms? Overall a wonderful project and I don't mean to discourage them. They just need to present a few more specifics beyond the construction of the facility even if not all of that has been firmly consolidated. A donor would need to know that the building will get used for its intended purpose. Sorry for the delay in this review. I hope that it can help.

10-14-02 Carolyn Schmidt, VF Program Manager
I have forwarded the questions from Dr. Smith and Dr. Pease, to Mulinda Williams in Uganda.

10-24-02 Diana Barnard
Very sorry for the dealy... my email address was srong and I just heard about the proposal. I would support this proposal but with some suggestions to improve it. I agree with Scott that more information about how the clinic currently runs and how the additional buildings will be set up and run would give it a more human face. Also, more information about the medical staff and how they work, how they are recruited and compensated would be nice. It would give a better perspective about how much the building would add to retainment. Also, more specific information about how prenatal care is delivered and what would be changed by the new building would be nice. Obviously, improving prenatal care is a very important goal... I think that more specific information would improve the chances of getting funding.

10-29-02 Carolyn Schmidt, VF Program Manager
Dr. Barnard's questions have also been forwarded to the project coordinator in Uganda.

11-08-02 Three New Health Proposals instead of one Carolyn Schmidt, VF Proposal Manager
To Health Proposal Review Board: This Ugandan group has answered the doctors' questions. They als (in response to a general request I put out to our Consortium Members for more lower cost projects in Africa and Latin America) got back to me, splitting this proposal into three separate ones ($1650 each). This means more work for you, as I am asking each of you to review each new proposal independent of the others. In my opinion, this strengthens the likelihood of their attracting funding and being able to complete one or more of the projects. The projects are: first Children's Ward for Busaawa-Mmanze Health Unit; second Improve Mother and Child Health In Uganda, and third Medical Staff House for Ugandan Community. Thank you for your consideration of these new proposals.

11-11-02 Christina Pease, MD Proposal Review
Children's Ward for Busaawa-Mmanze Health Unit: This proposal is much improved, clear and succinct. I strongly support it. I am assuming that there would be potential space to expand the building if the need arised.

11-11-02 Christina Pease, MD Proposal Review
Improve Mother and Child Health In Uganda: I also support this proposal and find it to be much clearer in its objectives and realistic goals. For all these proposals, I particularly like the fact that they have been very specific in elucidating what has been accomplished.

11-11-02 Christina Pease, MD Proposal Review
Medical Staff House for Ugandan Community: I found this proposal to be a little bit less specific in terms of which 4 medical providers would be housed there. Ones that are already on the list? or visiting ones? I also would be curious as to extra storage space that would be available there for supplies as the need arises. I support it overall.

11-14-02 Diana Barnard, M.D. Improve Mother and Child health in Uganda
This a much improved proposal with clear goals . It describes what exactly the project is setting out to do in terms that potential donors will easily be able to understand. I strongly support it as is.

11-14-02 Diana Barnard,M.D. Children's ward for Busaawa-mmanze health Unit
I too, find this proposal improved, but still a bit unclear about what the specific changes are that will improve the health care for children. Are there specific needs that will be met (appropriate sized equipment, child freindly atmosphere, medically necessary space separate from what is available now)? There is no doubt that improving health care for children is a noble idea. It just seems that a few more specific details might help clarify to potential donors how their donation will make the clinic different (not just bigger) for the benefit of kids.

11-14-02 Diana Barnard,M.D. Medical staff house for ugandan community
This proposal is improved, but still a bit unclear about what specifically will be imporved about the service. Are the staff currently living so far away thay they can't be at work at different hours? You mention the ability of the staff to work 24 hours, but I assume that you mean to imply that they will be more available if needed.... but not be expected them to work continuously 24 hours a day. A small thing, but we don't want to give the impression of people being expected to work too crazy hours. Is the idea for this new house to be a way to help recruit and maintain staff (e.g. curently do you recruit staff but they are on their own for housing... and will this new building be a new "benefit" to recruiting/maintaining staff?) I think more specific backroung regarding the need for a staff house per se would be useful.