Brest Environmental Information Center
Nr 21, Kosmonavtov Blvd, Brest 224665 Belarus
Telephone 375-162-230617

Brest Environmental Information Center (BEIC) is a regional division of the national environmental non-profit registered organization Ecoline. Its purpose is to provide its clients with sound information related to environmental issues. Target groups include schoolchildren, students and representatives of the general public who have an interest in the environment.

Since its establishment in 1997, Brest E.I.C. has provided a number of consultation services in the spheres of theoretical knowledge about environment, and the practical state of things in this area in the Brest region of Belarus. Its small environmental library helped visitors to get relevant information. When necessary, Internet resources were used. BEIC organized several workshops and trainings for environmental NGO's and local business' representatives (among the topics: local strategies of sustainable development, sources of environmental information, environmental management systems, etc). In 1998 BEIC organized participation of a group of environmentally active youth from the Brest region at an environmental camp in Germany. In 1999 BEIC actively participated in conducting a public ecological expertise of the planned landfill in the Ivanovo district of the Brest region; as the result of that serious changes in the project were made. In 1999 formal financing of BEIC was stopped and since then its activity bears an exclusively voluntary character.

BEIC has in-kind support from the University of Brest which provides it with office space./ Its students act as volunteers during preparation of time-consuming events. If BEIC attracts further funding it will employ a staff member to perform secretary work.

BEIC is able to support part of the costs of administering VF grants with contribution of staff time (as it did while supervising VF grant "Trees to Beautify Brest" in 1999/2000). Up to the moment BEIC has made a lot of efforts to disseminate information about VF among environmental NGO community of Belarus, and processed and submitted for further investigation 3 proposals from Belarus.

BEIC's desire to establish a VF Consortium Member in Brest is based on the fact that in the age of information revolution it does not matter where an institution is located in geographical terms. From this point of view Brest has the same advantages as any Belarusian city. Good outreach to the environmental community of Belarus may be well maintained from here.