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The Virtual Foundation is a project of ECOLOGIA
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What is the Virtual Foundation?

The Virtual Foundation is a unique philanthropy program which supports grassroots initiatives around the world. Carefully screened community improvement projects are posted on our web site. They can be read and funded by donors.

All Virtual Foundation projects:

  • meet needs with a combination of volunteer labor, local contributions, and outside assistance
  • solve local problems of environment, human health, poverty alleviation or economic development
  • are supervised by our network of Consortium Members (capable organizations on the ground in the developing countries)
  • meet locally identified needs directly and on an appropriate, sustainable scale

More about how the Virtual Foundation works...

For more on the ideas and experiences of ECOLOGIA, and reflections on the power of community-based grants, see "From the Baltic Mini-Grant Program to the Virtual Foundation: Small Grants and Global Change".

2015 - 2016
Featured Activity

Nomadicare Documentation Project

Region Mongolia

Goals:: Nomads help preserve the planet with their low-impact lifestyle, which uses few of the earth's resources. With their strong connection to and respect for the earth, their lives can teach us the art of sustainability.

In the past 50 years, though, nomads in Mongolia have decreased from nearly 100% of its population to 38% today. There are many forces causing this-health and education opportunities not equal to those in the city, a harsh lifestyle, lack of infrastructure, and climate change, as well as globalization. At this rate, there could be very few nomads in Mongolia's future.

As fewer nomads continue the herder lifestyle, it is essential that the ways and heart songs be saved for future generations. The Nomadicare team, led by Sas Carey, documents the lives of the nomads on video, with still photographs and with printed stories.

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